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ETC type Solar Water heater -150 Ltr

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Selective Coating Cu / AI / SS
Outer Diameter ¢ 58mm /70mm    (whatever applicable)
Inner tube diameter ¢ 47mm / 54mm   (whatever applicable)
Tube Length 1800mm /   2100mm (whatever applicable)
Thickness of Tube 1.6mm B/s Glass
Gross Area For Tube 0.1668m2
Capacity of Tube 2.7 Lt. (Per Tube)
Vacuum <5*10-3 Pa
Absorptance >92%(Am1.5)
Glass thickness 1.6mm
Emittance <8%(80 oC)
Thermal expansion 3.3*10-6 oC
Stagnation temperature >200 oC
Heat loss <0.8 w / sqm
Maximum strength 0.8 MPa



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