Solar Cooker


 A Solar box cooker is like a hot box. We can cook our food without any cooking gas, kerosene, electricity, coal or wood. This cooker works with the Solar Energy, which is free. In solar cooker we can boil, bake & roast food for four to five persons.
 Suitable for farmers, Nomads, Army Camps, Emergency situations etc.
 Special recipes like Cakes, Macarons, Peanut fry are very tasty.
 Solar cooked foods are easy to digest and more nutrient value is preserved.
 In Box type solar cooker , Solar heat is trapped inside the enclosed box which is absorbed by the plate through a glass. This is used for cooking food

Solar cooker also helps in getting better aroma and taste from cooker foods as well as it helps in getting food at cheaper cost and less human efforts in cooking.


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