All in one integrated Solar Led Street Lights

  • Avirat Energy All in One Solar LED Street light,is ideal for its low maintenance demand and low operational costs. The Reflow soldered solar street light offered by Avirat Energy is one such street light best suited for a cool white light output.

Exclusive Features of Solar LED Street Light

  • Optimal lighting with asymmetric lenses having an 85 x 135 angle
  • Automatically get switched to a power saving mode after 6 hours of continuous operation.
  • Efficiency of constant current driver more than 90 percent
  • Easy installation with a reverse polarity protection without any fuse usage
  • Easy to maintain with four different levels of battery
  • Presence of low battery and charging indicator
  • Backup LED pads for an easy and quick replacement in case of LED failure
  • Exhibits a longer shelf life with 50 percent of power savings
  • Presence of a Microcontroller based PWM charging with constant current phase and voltage phase as well as a float stage to prevent any loss of electrolyte

Our solar LED street light

9 Watt All in One Solar LED Street Light

12 Watt All in One Solar LED Street Light

15 Watt All in One Solar LED Street Light

18 Watt All in One Solar LED Street Light

24/30/50 All in One Watt Solar LED Street Light

We also make customized solutions for Solar LED street lights.


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