Solar Street lights are used for lighting purpose in most of the industrial area ,petrol pump ,highways and sometimes for beautification with designer street lights pole.

Avirat Energy Pvt ltd is a leading supplier ,manufacturer ,exportter of all kind solar street light ranging from 20W to 60W .

Ø  All In One Solar Street Light uses a PIR motion sensor to adjust the LED light brightness intelligently. On detecting any movement, the LED glows at full brightness.
Ø  If no movement is detected for more than 30 seconds, the brightness is reduced to one-third.
Ø  This intelligent brightness control coupled with maintenance free Lithium-ion battery technology provides longer backup time and better battery life. 
Ø  Compact design with Integrated Solar Panel, Luminary, motion sensor, Li-ion battery, solar charge controller and LED driver.
Ø  Completely Off-grid design with very easy installation.
Ø  Automatic Dusk-To-Down operation.
Ø  Thousands of systems have already been installed in various parts of India and have been performing without any problems.

Outdoor lighting is important for the design of public spaces and can greatly change the setup. Stronger social ties, more security, and better attraction are all benefits of good street lighting in towns and lanes.
It will also result in good social evolution. When you look at the long-term merits, the cost of the solar street light is lower.

What is Solar Street Light?

Solar street light qualities directly affect the region, whether it is for glowing parking lots, footpaths, bicycle lanes, or residential areas. Our Solar street light takes such things one step further. In addition to several pros, including price and reliability. Going solar provides a way for the public relations field to offer a better lighting service, which is more than just “switching to green energy.”

Types of Solar Street Light-
2. Two-in-one

Let’s know the working variance:
●      A solar street light that integrates solar cells, batteries, motors, and LED lamps into one light body is known as an “ALL IN ONE” solar street light.
●      The 15W “TWO-IN-ONE” solar lights available on the market offer a light glowing technique with a solar panel, an LED, and a cell. The Polycrystalline Module is behind the budget of its board. This solar street light features a built-in MPPT Charge Controller, allowing quick charging.

Usage of Solar Street Lights-
1.     Glowing Airport
Because solar lights are simple to install and don’t require traditional electricity, many airports have them.
2.     Lighting for streets and highways
Both cars and pedestrians get good visibility due to the streetlight. A major city at night looks great with a high-quality solar lighting system without harming nature.

3.     Lighting for parks and gardens
Solar street lighting systems are advantageous for parks and playgrounds in order to illuminate signs, paths, pavilions, and parking lots.
4.     Security lighting outside
A sensible option for security as they can function without power at night since the sun supplies the necessary energy throughout the day.